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I contacted KSbest when I started to think about turning my loft space into something other than storage for junk I never use! I had never done a renovation before and I was a little unsure of how to proceed. I was delighted with how understanding the staff were of my situation and was really pleased when they offered to come to my home and give me some advice and a quote. I had a lot of ideas, some of which where feasible and some of which went a little too far beyond my budget. Their builder was really patient with me, answered all my questioned and really helped me navigate my own ideas until we arrived at a plan that worked for me from both a design and financial perspective. I'm delighted with my loft conversion and it has really added into our home. I would strongly recommend KSbest to anyone looking to make a first-time renovation to their home.



When I contacted KSbest I had just finished some home renovations with another company but they didn't provide any paving services. I hadn't done much to my garden and wanted to find out what I could do with the space. I sent KSbest an email and their man was out to me in only a few days. He gave me some great advice on paving solutions that would work with my home. I was a bit worried about maintenance and budget(like everyone I suppose!) He gave me some tips on which materials to use to strike a balance between the two and, 4 years down the line, I am still very happy with the results and not a weed in sight!




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